Virtual Office

Business presence anywhere in the world

“Work is something to do, not a place to be”

Increasing numbers of executives believe that work is something to do, not a place to be.

The FACTORÍA virtual office allows you to have an operational office with qualified staff at any moment, and you can have an office or a meeting room whenever you need, for as long as you want.

Put forward the best image of your company with a prestigious professional address and an operative office, avoiding excessive expenses and formalities.
We help create your virtual space in line with your needs. Choose from the following categories:

Postal address

Enjoy a sought-after professional address to include on your business cards.

– We receive, store and send your correspondence to anywhere in the world.

– Immediate notification via e-mail of certificates, express mail, courier service and personal delivery.

Telephone assistance

Improve your productivity with our telephone support services and focus on your work without constant telephone interruptions.

– With the personalised answering and transfer of calls to your landline or mobile.

– The real time notification via e-mail of your non-transferred calls and access to voice mail.

Virtual Business

The best image at the lowest price.

– Enjoy a sought-after business address with visitor assistance, and the receipt service of mail and messaging according to your instructions.

– Phone call assistance. Assistance from our administrative staff.

– Access to our multipurpose printer/photocopier.

– Access to offices, rooms and coworking for hours or days, with Internet connection.

Virtual Executive

Take advantage of all the benefits of an office, without having to rent it permanently.

– Telephone assistance with a call forwarding service in addition to all the Virtual Business services, plus access to meeting rooms with an Internet connection for 4 hours every month.

– A vending machine area and office. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, newspapers and TV.