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  • What is a Business Centre?

    At FACTORÍA, you can rent out fully equipped offices, for the short or long term, as well as perfect office infrastructure that comes with specialised staff. "Turn up, get the office and get to work” - the process from making the decision to getting your business underway in your new office really is that simple. No start-up costs, no investments and, above all, complete renting flexibility. It is also a huge advantage for foreign companies to have the availability of offices at FACTORÍA, as well as staff who speak their language, know their culture and understand the commercial practices of their country. Even young entrepreneurs who venture out to take the first step towards independence often opt for the clearly profitable and flexible solution offered by office service providers. In addition to all the services already covered, FACTORÍA provides personalised telephone and secretarial services and translation and interpretation services, as well as conference rooms. Whether you need a registered office, a representative office or a sales office, this is the perfect solution for you, because of its impressive cost-benefit ratio and our totally personal and professional service. Call us and see for yourself. You take care of your business. We'll take care of your office.

  • Why is FACTORÍA the best solution? How can you help me save costs?

    There are many clear advantages offered by the FACTORÍA services: flexible growth without long-term ties, the ability to concentrate solely on your main business activity, while making the most of all the resources available to you, as well as active support from highly qualified staff with technical and commercial training. To guarantee a top-quality service, all the centres have qualified or training staff. Companies are prepared to invest in new markets, but they don't want to waste time or money on finding a suitable office location, on negotiating rental contracts or getting tied down long term. They don't have time to be dealing with designing, decorating and equipping the offices, or hiring workers for the administration service or office management department. You want to devote yourself fully to your business activity and to the new market, i.e., to your customers. Companies of all sizes and in almost all economic sectors are therefore increasingly turning to the solution of business centres. Overnight, offices can be equipped with one or more work spaces. Everything is already organised: from the bouquet of flowers on the counter to the document shredder and the sugar for coffee. The telephone, reception and secretarial services are all ready for you to use according to your needs. Likewise, work spaces may be reduced or the contract can be extended according to the course of business. This helps your office to expand quickly so you can offer new products and services to meet the demands of your customers.

  • Can I expand my business at FACTORIA?

    Of course! FACTORÍA is organised in such a way that the services can be adapted to your budget. From professional company headquarters to furnished rooms or even offices for teams, we offer customised solutions according to your specific needs. Flexible office spaces that increase along with your sales volume and number of employees.

  • How is FACTORIA different from renting a traditional office?

    At FACTORIA you can enjoy a professional office for a monthly fee. You will also have a team of highly qualified professionals available, as well as the latest telephone services and Internet access. In traditional offices, you have to face the costly and arduous job of setting up and configuring your own workspace. Before you can get to work, you have to:

    • Pay to adapt the office space
    • Sign the fixed period lease of an office.
    • Furnish your office and establish contracts with several service providers (telephone, Internet, maintenance)
    • Hire office staff
    • Buy or rent office equipment
    • Create or configure connectivity infrastructure.
    • Spend time, resources and money.

    At FACTORÍA, your office space solutions are a single phone call away. Simply connect your computer and start working; let us take care of the rest.

  • What kind of contract will I sign with FACTORÍA?

    In a traditional office space, you often need the services of a lawyer to negotiate a complicated office lease before you can rent an office. But at FACTORIA it is much simpler, especially when compared to renting a traditional office space. We offer you a one-page office contract. We offer you control over the duration of your contract, so you can expand or reduce both time and space depending on how your needs change. And with our team of professionals, we give you administrative assistance and office equipment, without having to hire permanent staff or make a capital investment.

  • What is a virtual office at FACTORIA?

    A FACTORIA Virtual Office gives you all the benefits of a main office location, without the need to be physically there. The virtual offices offer a registered office. A call management service using the name of your company. Your Virtual Office number comes with call forwarding, so you will never miss a call. You also have 24-hour remote access to your voice mail from your Virtual Office. Even if you expand or change the location of your company, you will never have to change your registered office.

    The mail received at your virtual registered office can be sent to any part of the world by post, email or fax, or it can be held on to until you can collect it. Or better still, we can scan it and file it in your virtual account so that you can access all the information online.

  • How does the virtual office call forwarding work?

    An operator at the FACTORÍA Virtual Office responds to calls on behalf of your company. Following your instructions, the virtual office operator will divert the calls to the specified number (a mobile phone when you're travelling, your head office telephone number or your home phone number) anywhere in the world.

  • How are my telephone messages managed at the virtual office?

    If you aren't available, the virtual office operator will divert your calls to the voice mail of the virtual office or to your personal voicemail. With the virtual office we can even send you the messages by email or leave it in your account for you to access via the Internet, so you never miss any important messages.

  • How does the virtual office mail forwarding work?

    The Virtual Office mail forwarding service will forward the post received at your registered virtual office address to your preferred location, send it by fax to anywhere in the world, or keep hold of it until you can pick it up.

  • Can I use a physical office as a virtual office client?

    The FACTORÍA Virtual Office is the perfect solution when you need an office on request, but not every day. At FACTORÍA we have offices you can rent for a few hours, where you can go in, sit down, connect and start working in a matter of minutes, in a professional business environment, whenever you need it.

  • If I have a direct debit and after a certain amount of time I want a virtual office, will there be a problem moving from one service to another? And then can I rent an office for a few hours, only when I need it?

    If you are a FACTORÍA client because you have a direct debit, there is no problem in hiring a virtual office. You will keep the same address and fax number, and all that is different is added telephone assistance. In fact, some clients start with a direct debit, then they rent a virtual office and later they rent physical offices.

  • Why rent a FACTORÍA meeting room?

    The meeting rooms, boardrooms or conference rooms of FACTORIA offer a professional atmosphere equipped with a high-speed Internet connection. Our team of secretaries will attend to your needs, from the preparation of presentations to technical assistance. Photocopying, colour laser printing, fax and binding services are also available for our meeting room clients. In summary: we offer all the services you need to make your meeting a success.

  • What do I get with a FACTORÍA meeting room?

    Our staff will give you a meeting room according to the specified distribution you need. You can choose a standard meeting room, a training room, a conference room or a boardroom. In the meeting rooms you will have flip charts, whiteboards, a video projector, a TV and high-speed Internet access. As well as a coffee-break and catering service.

  • If I need a meeting room with how much time in advance should I notify FACTORÍA?

    At FACTORÍA we have many different meeting rooms, but it is always advisable to give 48 hours advance notice to guarantee that a meeting room will be available.

  • What is Coworking?

    Coworking is a way of working that allows independent professionals, entrepreneurs and SMEs from different sectors to share the same work space, both physical and virtual, to develop their professional projects independently, while promoting joint projects. FACTORÍA provides a permanent or temporary work space with Internet access and all the other services the Centre has to offer.